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Mr Bottles – A website that sucks

I think that it’s pretty clear in the name of this website that it might just suck before you even click onto it.


There’s the link, click on it if you are interested in collecting bottles or looking at and admiring bottles. This blog is basically about antique bottles and people showing off their collections, actually more like one man showing off his collection as he is President of the Antique Bottle Club.

I suppose this website is just one big advert for the bottle club, their is ALOT of galleries of different types of bottles ranging from milk bottles to blob soda bottles. Personally I never knew so many types of bottle were around, or even that people collected them. Anyway a lovely big gallery of bottles to look at, there is a lovely long homepage of him constantly updating readers about bottles, their whereabouts, how you can tell if you bottle is antique, and warnings to look out for fraud bottles! Interesting, I guess if you could read the updates but there are so many different sized fonts and colours it all merges into one big piece of writing. And against the background of -you guessed it- bottles, it’s hard to read what has even been written because of the colour clashes.

There is also a little cursor of a buoy that follows you up and down the page, it’s quite irritating and leaves me wondering why it’s the shape of a buoy and not a bottle?

Just take a look at the website, it’s just plain mad, I didn’t know that people loved bottles so much.