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Sky News Video Content

Sky News has a variety of videos, from Breaking news to Politics to Entertainment to Sport. Many of the videos are between 1 and 2 minutes long just giving you the right amount of information, and if you need more then you can read about it in written form. The video content comes from a traditional broadcaster and that is then turned into a report by an individual journalist.

Much of the video content is like traditional broadcast news, it doesn’t show elongated bulletins though it just shows a clip of the video and a little bit of information on the story, I suppose if you wanted a more in depth viewing you would have to tune into the actual news channel.

The videos are meant to be watched with a story to get a better idea of the article, there is a section for videos but there are only 15 second/30 second clips so it’s easier to go to the story and then watch the video. And it works better like that as you get a more rounded view of the article as a whole instead of a little clip.