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Personalizing Google

As I said previously, setting up Google reader made no difference to my life or outlooks on online journalism, this was much the same, you had to put a star next to relevant stories that you liked the topic of, for instance science, celebrity, world news and then when you next went onto Google News a list of stories related to your topics would come up. It was useful in the aspect of not having to scroll through lots of uninteresting news, but you still had to scroll through uninteresting news related to the topics you chose to come up on your news page. I would much rather go to an actual newspaper website or Sky News than personalize Google and use this, it’s just not that good.


Google Reader

Having set up Google Reader and used it continuously for the past week I don’t think it has been of any help to me at all, I don’t think that it is anything life changing and is like every other news website out there. Having the stars to put next to certain topics/stories which you like and then having a continuous news feed of things they think you may like just isn’t something I need AGAIN. I can go on Google News and immediately find a story I want to read rather than look through stories Google thinks I may like.

Personally I just don’t think it’s of much use to me or my life, I can’t sign into Google everytime I want to read a news story.