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So I gave into the world of Twitter, it’s your typical social networking site, people can post stuff to you and upload pictures and you can do the same. One thing that’s different about Twitter is that it’s a direct source to famous people, you can ‘follow’ your favourite celeb and see their updates and photos, this is good for gossip as you get to hear what they have to say, after joining Twitter if I see a news story about one of my Twittering celebs I will then go to their Twitter page to see if they have said anything in retaliation.

I suppose Twitter is good for journalists, it’s speed is useful as their are certain ‘topics’ and ‘trends’ which you can view and tag your posts in and then journalists can see what is being said, the Twitter streams are constant, a new tweet is always being posted. But then this could be said for a Facebook news feed, all social network sites are constantly updated, but the thing that seperates Twitter from the others is what I said before about being a direct source, Barack Obama has a Twitter account and uses it to post what he is doing and the progress he is making, I’m pretty sure it isn’t him writing the tweets ┬ábut it is still a verified account. It’s Twitter accounts such as this one that becomes useful for journalists, they have a source when it comes to writing stories, newspapers and news channels such as CNN have Twitter accounts and if you were to read their profiles it would be constant updates on news stories.

The thing with all these different sources of news is that it becomes too overpowering, I tend to stick to the websites I am used to when it comes to finding out about a news story, all these new websites are too irritating to use all the time, I hate that on most of these sites you have to create an account to see news.

I think that I will just use my Twitter account to stalk celebrities and keep the news for the websites I don’t have to log onto to read stories.