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Group Blog

Our group blog was on the Illuminati, the idea behind the blog was to inform people of certain conspiracy theories and in a way educate them on the whole idea of the Illuminati.

I think that on the whole my group was well informed and researched on the Illuminati, we decided on what our 3 posts were going to be about and planned them well. Research was a major part of our posts as we had to show images, videos and facts to back up our theories, and I personally think that our blogs were of a high standard, we got our opinions across and I believe that if you read our posts you would be somewhat enlightened into the world of Illuminati.

I think that our blog worked in the respect that we got all of our work published to the schedule we were given, and that all posts were informative and included some sort of multimedia, as a group I think that we worked well, we discussed our ideas and if anyone needed help we were able to give it to them. We were all assigned different roles in the group, but as a whole we were all editors really, we read over each other’s work and if there was a spelling error or something not quite right we would amend it.

One thing that could have made our blog better was a little less writing, I think that we became so eager to get our ideas out there that we forgot how much we were typing and at times it was too much text when it should have been short and snappy. Aside from that I think overall the blog worked, the design was relevant to the topic, the layout and text were perfect for a conspiracy blog. I think my group did really well and I would be happy to work with them again.