Google Reader

Having set up Google Reader and used it continuously for the past week I don’t think it has been of any help to me at all, I don’t think that it is anything life changing and is like every other news website out there. Having the stars to put next to certain topics/stories which you like and then having a continuous news feed of things they think you may like just isn’t something I need AGAIN. I can go on Google News and immediately find a story I want to read rather than look through stories Google thinks I may like.

Personally I just don’t think it’s of much use to me or my life, I can’t sign into Google everytime I want to read a news story.


Sky News Video Content

Sky News has a variety of videos, from Breaking news to Politics to Entertainment to Sport. Many of the videos are between 1 and 2 minutes long just giving you the right amount of information, and if you need more then you can read about it in written form. The video content comes from a traditional broadcaster and that is then turned into a report by an individual journalist.

Much of the video content is like traditional broadcast news, it doesn’t show elongated bulletins though it just shows a clip of the video and a little bit of information on the story, I suppose if you wanted a more in depth viewing you would have to tune into the actual news channel.

The videos are meant to be watched with a story to get a better idea of the article, there is a section for videos but there are only 15 second/30 second clips so it’s easier to go to the story and then watch the video. And it works better like that as you get a more rounded view of the article as a whole instead of a little clip.


Video Module

This is the URL for my Video, I decided to do a video on Valentines Day and ask people what their views were and what they did for the most romantic day of the year. The outcome wasn’t as lovey dovey as many movies or newspapers make it out to be, in fact many of the people I interviewed found it a depressing day.

More Multimedia Journalism

I get bored very easily, which is probably why I found this site and probably why it interests me for around 5 minutes until I get bored again. It’s a photograph blog, mainly focusing on weird photographs. I went straight to the section which calls itself ‘Think these were photoshopped? Guess again’

And genuinely it freaked me out a little bit, there is an explanation beneath each photo so that you are re-assured as to why it’s not photoshopped. And I’m thankful for this as I don’t think I could live normally if these photos weren’t explained to me. Some of them are really weird, wonderfully weird i suppose some people would say.

It’s easy to just upload a disgusting picture of something, but these photographs aren’t disgusting they are just normal photos that are strange. The photograph at the top isn’t photoshopped, there is a creature in the world that big, and this is worrying as i would not want to try and get that off of my bin.

This website is great for looking at when your bored, it entertains for a little while. When I’m next bored i will have a look around for some rival websites, at the moment I haven’t seen photographs that are real AND this strange. In the meantime why don’t you check out the website yourself and see if your as entertained as I was.

Multimedia Journalism

I chose to review a piece of journalism about Global Warming, mainly focusing on the rapidly decreasing glaciers around Mount Everest. This video isn’t like the videos that I had previously watched, it’s almost like a mini documentary, it’s like watching a story rather than reading one, which is what you want in a piece of video journalism.

The backbone of the piece is the Scientists and Researchers who are trying to find a theory -other than Climate Change- as to why glaciers are melting prematurely. During the video viewers are shown photographs of the glaciers in the 1920’s and then the same glacier in the year 2008, the photography in this video is stunning, you get a real sense of the beauty of these mountains. In a few pictures there is the pollution of China and power plants, this shows the startling contrast  of the beauty of nature and the horror of mankind. The expert views and opinions of the Researchers help you to understand the seriousness of the subject and also the confusion, these massive glaciers are disappearing at such an alarming speed. This video also gives a little insight into how the animals and people who depend on the water from these glaciers will fair if they were to disappear, we are unaware of how important these huge sheets of water are to us.

This video was eye opening for me, I really enjoyed watching it, I was interested throughout. What I really respected was that the voices of the Researchers were there real voices, in a few pieces I have seen they have used actor’s voices and it’s obvious that they are actors and therefore ruins the believability of the information being shown to me.

Here is a link to the video,