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The End

Before I started this module I suppose I was narrow minded in the fact that I thought the internet was just there for leisure purposes, if we want to find something out, if we want to buy something, if we want to watch something it’s available to us at all times via the internet. During this module it’s become more clear to me that the internet in fact is a portal for knowledge, online journalism is fast becoming the new way of writing and revealing news. I didn’t know that blogs had such an impact on people, I thought that they were just posts by people talking about their daily lives, yet after studying this module I’ve seen that blogs can actually become a career, they are more than just diaries, they have become a source for news.

I knew that newspapers had websites and that you could read stories online, but during this module I’ve learnt that online newspapers might be the future, there is a slight chance that this might happen, as online journalism progresses there is no reason for this not to happen. I suppose what I have learnt is that the internet leaves pretty much everything in our grasp, their are no laws or rules about what you write on the internet, it’s completely free.

After studying this module I am much more aware of online journalism, when I’m reading news stories, news updates, blogs, I’m aware that this is a form of journalism. It’s helped me to understand that journalism is expanding and reaching to all avenues of the media, I feel much more knowledgeable about journalism and what the future could have in store for it.


Audio and Video Modules

For my Video module it was February time and everywhere you looked there was something advertising Valentine’s Day, so I decided to do a video on Valentine’s Day and asked a variety of people to describe it in one word, how they would be spending the day and what’s the most romantic thing that’s ever been done for them. Considering it was my first time filming footage and then editing it all alone I feel proud of how it turned out. Most of the answers people gave me were negative, and it didn’t really turn into a romantic video, but more of a fun, lighthearted one. Given the chance to go back and re-do it, I would definitely spend more time asking people questions and getting enough footage to work with, now that I am more familiar with editing I would also edit it differently and not make it so cliche. However at the time it was a nice idea to work with.

My Audio module was quite hard, it took me a while to come up with a subject that I could allow myself to edit into the very very short space of two minutes, I thought it was incredibly hard to cut down all the information i got into 2 minutes. The idea behind my Audio assignment was Football Hooliganism, as a girl I have never really understood why men love football so much, I still don’t to be honest but for the podcast I interviewed 3 different football fans and talked about the violence they have seen at certain games. I really wish that I had more than 2 minutes for the podcast as I think that the information I got from the interviews was worth more when shown as an entire piece rather than little snippets. Again I am proud of what I have produced considering I have never used recording equipment, but I would have liked to have a longer allowance.

Group Blog

Our group blog was on the Illuminati, the idea behind the blog was to inform people of certain conspiracy theories and in a way educate them on the whole idea of the Illuminati.

I think that on the whole my group was well informed and researched on the Illuminati, we decided on what our 3 posts were going to be about and planned them well. Research was a major part of our posts as we had to show images, videos and facts to back up our theories, and I personally think that our blogs were of a high standard, we got our opinions across and I believe that if you read our posts you would be somewhat enlightened into the world of Illuminati.

I think that our blog worked in the respect that we got all of our work published to the schedule we were given, and that all posts were informative and included some sort of multimedia, as a group I think that we worked well, we discussed our ideas and if anyone needed help we were able to give it to them. We were all assigned different roles in the group, but as a whole we were all editors really, we read over each other’s work and if there was a spelling error or something not quite right we would amend it.

One thing that could have made our blog better was a little less writing, I think that we became so eager to get our ideas out there that we forgot how much we were typing and at times it was too much text when it should have been short and snappy. Aside from that I think overall the blog worked, the design was relevant to the topic, the layout and text were perfect for a conspiracy blog. I think my group did really well and I would be happy to work with them again.

Mr Bottles – A website that sucks

I think that it’s pretty clear in the name of this website that it might just suck before you even click onto it.

There’s the link, click on it if you are interested in collecting bottles or looking at and admiring bottles. This blog is basically about antique bottles and people showing off their collections, actually more like one man showing off his collection as he is President of the Antique Bottle Club.

I suppose this website is just one big advert for the bottle club, their is ALOT of galleries of different types of bottles ranging from milk bottles to blob soda bottles. Personally I never knew so many types of bottle were around, or even that people collected them. Anyway a lovely big gallery of bottles to look at, there is a lovely long homepage of him constantly updating readers about bottles, their whereabouts, how you can tell if you bottle is antique, and warnings to look out for fraud bottles! Interesting, I guess if you could read the updates but there are so many different sized fonts and colours it all merges into one big piece of writing. And against the background of -you guessed it- bottles, it’s hard to read what has even been written because of the colour clashes.

There is also a little cursor of a buoy that follows you up and down the page, it’s quite irritating and leaves me wondering why it’s the shape of a buoy and not a bottle?

Just take a look at the website, it’s just plain mad, I didn’t know that people loved bottles so much.

Blog Review

I’m bad when it comes to TV, I watch most of my TV fixes online just after they have been shown in America and way before they are to be shown in England, I’m not sure if this is illegal, I hope it’s not. Anyway I came across a blog that discusses pretty much everything that is on TV in America and they give out spoilers and gossip about them too!! Which I love, because I’m pretty impatient and want to know what happens in the whole series before I watch it.

This blog is

From what I understand it’s basically two editors updating posts of random gossip but focusing centrally on that of TV, on the whole I think this blog is an interesting read, it fills you with knowledge of the goings on of TV shows and celebrity gossip, they upload jokey film posters and review film trailers and come up with ‘Spoilers’.

What I like about this blog is that it isn’t just plain written posts, every post is different, most of them feature some sort of multimedia whether it be a video or an image. And the colour scheme connotes the lack of seriousness that this blog entails, we know when we are reading the blog that it is for fun, the colours used are bright and eye catching.

I would definitely read this blog regularly as it gives me the right amount of random information I like to consume, each post is also quite small so it’s easy to take in. I recommend this blog if you – like me- like random celebrity/TV/film gossip!


So I gave into the world of Twitter, it’s your typical social networking site, people can post stuff to you and upload pictures and you can do the same. One thing that’s different about Twitter is that it’s a direct source to famous people, you can ‘follow’ your favourite celeb and see their updates and photos, this is good for gossip as you get to hear what they have to say, after joining Twitter if I see a news story about one of my Twittering celebs I will then go to their Twitter page to see if they have said anything in retaliation.

I suppose Twitter is good for journalists, it’s speed is useful as their are certain ‘topics’ and ‘trends’ which you can view and tag your posts in and then journalists can see what is being said, the Twitter streams are constant, a new tweet is always being posted. But then this could be said for a Facebook news feed, all social network sites are constantly updated, but the thing that seperates Twitter from the others is what I said before about being a direct source, Barack Obama has a Twitter account and uses it to post what he is doing and the progress he is making, I’m pretty sure it isn’t him writing the tweets ┬ábut it is still a verified account. It’s Twitter accounts such as this one that becomes useful for journalists, they have a source when it comes to writing stories, newspapers and news channels such as CNN have Twitter accounts and if you were to read their profiles it would be constant updates on news stories.

The thing with all these different sources of news is that it becomes too overpowering, I tend to stick to the websites I am used to when it comes to finding out about a news story, all these new websites are too irritating to use all the time, I hate that on most of these sites you have to create an account to see news.

I think that I will just use my Twitter account to stalk celebrities and keep the news for the websites I don’t have to log onto to read stories.

Personalizing Google

As I said previously, setting up Google reader made no difference to my life or outlooks on online journalism, this was much the same, you had to put a star next to relevant stories that you liked the topic of, for instance science, celebrity, world news and then when you next went onto Google News a list of stories related to your topics would come up. It was useful in the aspect of not having to scroll through lots of uninteresting news, but you still had to scroll through uninteresting news related to the topics you chose to come up on your news page. I would much rather go to an actual newspaper website or Sky News than personalize Google and use this, it’s just not that good.