The End

Before I started this module I suppose I was narrow minded in the fact that I thought the internet was just there for leisure purposes, if we want to find something out, if we want to buy something, if we want to watch something it’s available to us at all times via the internet. During this module it’s become more clear to me that the internet in fact is a portal for knowledge, online journalism is fast becoming the new way of writing and revealing news. I didn’t know that blogs had such an impact on people, I thought that they were just posts by people talking about their daily lives, yet after studying this module I’ve seen that blogs can actually become a career, they are more than just diaries, they have become a source for news.

I knew that newspapers had websites and that you could read stories online, but during this module I’ve learnt that online newspapers might be the future, there is a slight chance that this might happen, as online journalism progresses there is no reason for this not to happen. I suppose what I have learnt is that the internet leaves pretty much everything in our grasp, their are no laws or rules about what you write on the internet, it’s completely free.

After studying this module I am much more aware of online journalism, when I’m reading news stories, news updates, blogs, I’m aware that this is a form of journalism. It’s helped me to understand that journalism is expanding and reaching to all avenues of the media, I feel much more knowledgeable about journalism and what the future could have in store for it.


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