Blog Review

I’m bad when it comes to TV, I watch most of my TV fixes online just after they have been shown in America and way before they are to be shown in England, I’m not sure if this is illegal, I hope it’s not. Anyway I came across a blog that discusses pretty much everything that is on TV in America and they give out spoilers and gossip about them too!! Which I love, because I’m pretty impatient and want to know what happens in the whole series before I watch it.

This blog is

From what I understand it’s basically two editors updating posts of random gossip but focusing centrally on that of TV, on the whole I think this blog is an interesting read, it fills you with knowledge of the goings on of TV shows and celebrity gossip, they upload jokey film posters and review film trailers and come up with ‘Spoilers’.

What I like about this blog is that it isn’t just plain written posts, every post is different, most of them feature some sort of multimedia whether it be a video or an image. And the colour scheme connotes the lack of seriousness that this blog entails, we know when we are reading the blog that it is for fun, the colours used are bright and eye catching.

I would definitely read this blog regularly as it gives me the right amount of random information I like to consume, each post is also quite small so it’s easy to take in. I recommend this blog if you – like me- like random celebrity/TV/film gossip!


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