Audio and Video Modules

For my Video module it was February time and everywhere you looked there was something advertising Valentine’s Day, so I decided to do a video on Valentine’s Day and asked a variety of people to describe it in one word, how they would be spending the day and what’s the most romantic thing that’s ever been done for them. Considering it was my first time filming footage and then editing it all alone I feel proud of how it turned out. Most of the answers people gave me were negative, and it didn’t really turn into a romantic video, but more of a fun, lighthearted one. Given the chance to go back and re-do it, I would definitely spend more time asking people questions and getting enough footage to work with, now that I am more familiar with editing I would also edit it differently and not make it so cliche. However at the time it was a nice idea to work with.

My Audio module was quite hard, it took me a while to come up with a subject that I could allow myself to edit into the very very short space of two minutes, I thought it was incredibly hard to cut down all the information i got into 2 minutes. The idea behind my Audio assignment was Football Hooliganism, as a girl I have never really understood why men love football so much, I still don’t to be honest but for the podcast I interviewed 3 different football fans and talked about the violence they have seen at certain games. I really wish that I had more than 2 minutes for the podcast as I think that the information I got from the interviews was worth more when shown as an entire piece rather than little snippets. Again I am proud of what I have produced considering I have never used recording equipment, but I would have liked to have a longer allowance.


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