More Multimedia Journalism

I get bored very easily, which is probably why I found this site and probably why it interests me for around 5 minutes until I get bored again. It’s a photograph blog, mainly focusing on weird photographs. I went straight to the section which calls itself ‘Think these were photoshopped? Guess again’

And genuinely it freaked me out a little bit, there is an explanation beneath each photo so that you are re-assured as to why it’s not photoshopped. And I’m thankful for this as I don’t think I could live normally if these photos weren’t explained to me. Some of them are really weird, wonderfully weird i suppose some people would say.

It’s easy to just upload a disgusting picture of something, but these photographs aren’t disgusting they are just normal photos that are strange. The photograph at the top isn’t photoshopped, there is a creature in the world that big, and this is worrying as i would not want to try and get that off of my bin.

This website is great for looking at when your bored, it entertains for a little while. When I’m next bored i will have a look around for some rival websites, at the moment I haven’t seen photographs that are real AND this strange. In the meantime why don’t you check out the website yourself and see if your as entertained as I was.


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