Multimedia Journalism

I chose to review a piece of journalism about Global Warming, mainly focusing on the rapidly decreasing glaciers around Mount Everest. This video isn’t like the videos that I had previously watched, it’s almost like a mini documentary, it’s like watching a story rather than reading one, which is what you want in a piece of video journalism.

The backbone of the piece is the Scientists and Researchers who are trying to find a theory -other than Climate Change- as to why glaciers are melting prematurely. During the video viewers are shown photographs of the glaciers in the 1920’s and then the same glacier in the year 2008, the photography in this video is stunning, you get a real sense of the beauty of these mountains. In a few pictures there is the pollution of China and power plants, this shows the startling contrast  of the beauty of nature and the horror of mankind. The expert views and opinions of the Researchers help you to understand the seriousness of the subject and also the confusion, these massive glaciers are disappearing at such an alarming speed. This video also gives a little insight into how the animals and people who depend on the water from these glaciers will fair if they were to disappear, we are unaware of how important these huge sheets of water are to us.

This video was eye opening for me, I really enjoyed watching it, I was interested throughout. What I really respected was that the voices of the Researchers were there real voices, in a few pieces I have seen they have used actor’s voices and it’s obvious that they are actors and therefore ruins the believability of the information being shown to me.

Here is a link to the video,


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